Anubis 턴테이블은 레퍼런스 SE모델과 동일한 모터/플래터/베어링 기술이 적용되어 48mm의 플래터와 CNC컷팅, 다이아몬드 코팅, 스틸 볼 베어링이 사용되었습니다.

딱 봐도 비싸보이죠? 그래도 자기네 딴에는 싸게 만든 염가형이라는거~

Technical specification:

  • Material:
    Composite metal plinth with precision CNC machined to prevent vibration.
  • Speed Ranges:
    33.3 and 45 rpm
  • Motor:
    High torque AC motor with belt drive.
  • Bearing:
    CNC Titanium ball with Diamond coding. Stainless steel shaft to Drive platter.
  • Platter:
    solid 80mm chrome platter, comprised of special composite metal, the system delivers precision, balance, and stability.
  • Weight:
    Approximate 160 LBS
  • Dimension:
    12 L X 12 D X 10 H

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